Leaded Aluminum Electrolytics

ECR Series  
Standard Miniature Radial

EGR Series
Standard Miniature Radial

EHR Series
High Temperature Radial

E5R Series

Ultra Miniature Radial

EMR Series

Super Miniature Radial

EMRL Series

Super Miniature Low Leakage Radial


EMN Series
Super Miniature Non-Polarized Radial

EBR Series
Bi-Polarized Radial for Horizontal Deflection

ENR Series
Non-Polarized Radial

ELR Series
Low Leakage Current Radial

EXR Series
Low IMP for Switching Regulator

ESG Series
Extended Life Radial

EHP Series
High Temperature Snap-in


Each of our technical data sheets are available in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format suitable for downloading across the internet.

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